Real-estate investing bite-size news and updates

Real estate bite-size news and updates

Student home with room rental permit for sale in Amsterdam

Student house for sale in Amsterdam: Here you will find all the information around the financial return and explainations on how to invest.

Update on our AFM Approval Process

In the last 9 months BRXS has been working on our AFM Approval Application. In order to get such an approval, there are a lot of steps to complete...

BRXS Women Invest Together

Our new investing program is here! So, what does the it look like and what can you expect in the coming months?

Journey of BRXS and Why Everyone Participating Matters

Amrita, a female co-founder of colour, is focused on supporting women to access to real-estate and using it to achieve financial independence.

3 important principles for every investor

The three most important principles to be a successful investor: time, consistency and diversification

Why diversify with Real estate?

Real estate is a great way to diversify your portfolio because of its historical low correlation with the stock markets.

Real estate as inflation protection

What is inflation? What can you do about it? How does real estate investing help you hedge against inflation

5 ways to find off-market properties in 2023

Investing in off-market deals in real estate: What are the advantages, disadvantages and how to find these off-market investment properties?

The Dutch housing market in 2022

Here we are digging deeper in the current status of the housing prices in the Netherlands, expectations for the future and the opportunities ahead.

Everything you need to know about the Amsterdam housing market

Everything you need to know on housing prices in Amsterdam: current prices, forecasts, developments, all stats and graphs, and will house prices rise or fall?

Passive income ideas: 5 ways to earn extra money in 2023

Want to make passive income while you sleep or on holiday? We've selected some ideas on how you can generate passive income from investments or real estate.

Inflation is killing your savings!

Real estate investments can play an important role in your real estate portfolio. Learn why and how to get started.

Are property prices in the Netherlands cooling down? Should you still invest in real estate?

The recent trends indicate that the Netherlands housing market is cooling down. Should you still invest in real estate in those volatile times?

How to choose the right investment property?

Here we explain the top 3 things to pay attention to when house hunting for a real estate investment opportunity.

5 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Everyone who’s interested in investing in real estate can get in for just €100, build a portfolio and start earning passive income and appreciation.

Are Stocks and Crypto letting you down? Try Real estate with BRXS! :)

With BRXS, you can select a property in Amsterdam you like, invest in minutes and earn through rent and property appreciation, avoiding all the burdens.

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