Journey of BRXS and Why Everyone Participating Matters

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Co-Founder BRXS
Amrita Ramsaransing
Co-Founder BRXS
July 3, 2023

Written by: Amrita Ramsaransing (Co-Founder BRXS) & Julia Valentinyi (Product Manager BRXS) 

Our Brxs journey officially started in 2021 but was in the back of our minds years before then. Our “why” is simple: to make real estate investing accessible for everyone, not just a lucky few. This is also what drives us everyday; to ensure that everyone has access. We don’t take for granted that there is still a long way to go before we achieve this dream.

For Amrita, as a female co-founder of colour, supporting women in gaining access and leveraging it to achieve their financial independence is a very important part of this dream and close to her heart.

Women supporting each other 

Julia, Brxs’ all round product manager and Amrita, co-founder of BRXS, are very proud to launch the very first cohort of 👉 BRXS Women Invest Together.

With this cohort we want to foster a community where everyone can share their financial goals, learn about investing from experienced guests and each other. By participating in the program you get a chance to start and grow your financial independence, and save up for your goals.

The women behind the program 

While we hopefully get to know each other better in the next few months we do want to kick off by introducing ourselves. 


I am an older millennial, who only learned about investing and how to negotiate and advocate for myself and my  finances much later in my career. 

In a career spanning nearly 15 years it took almost until year 8 to dare fight for my worth and start my investing journey. I have never minded fighting for others or speaking up in the job itself, however, for the longest time there had been an invisible hurdle when it came to advocating for the financial part. This invisible hurdle also translated into investing in general (eg. stocks, ETFs, etc.), where fear, "not sure where to start" and "who to ask" overpowered any concrete action. 

The turning point came when I openly spoke with other women who went through the same, shared their knowledge with me, listened and answered my questions patiently. This gave me the confidence to start and keep learning. 🧠

While other means of investing always seemed ‘scary’, somehow real-estate was the opposite. I learned from a young age from my family and overall environment that to have real-estate, especially investment real-estate, is the ultimate form of stability. 

Throughout the years I had a dream real estate investment portfolio in mind. Maybe if I worked hard enough I could at least get one (or who knows, even two) of these properties and I too could have a reliable stream of passive income. In reality, when I finally worked long enough I was priced out of the real-estate investment market. It also did not help that I started to work on other means of investing too late in general. 

Still, I could not shake the feeling of wanting to get those investment properties and that surely I could not be the only one thinking about this and not being able to afford it. It turned out luckily my co-founder (Filip) was thinking the same. 🏡📲

It did not take us long to agree that this is something that must be developed, after all we should all be able to build our real estate investment portfolio even if we only have a smaller budget. Once we knew we wanted to do more with this idea we started to work on how it would look and what we would offer - this part took a bit longer. And in January 2022, after months of working on everything behind the scenes, we finally launched BRXS to the public with the mission to make real estate investing accessible for everyone! 

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I’m a millennial. A Hungarian expat in Amsterdam. I’m 28 and I only started investing a year ago.

The first job I got in the Netherlands, I had no idea what my salary expectations should be. Everything seemed like a good offer, compared to Hungary. I tried to do research, but it’s difficult to know which online resources to trust. 

When the pandemic hit, I went through layoffs and company mergers, forced to switch jobs again and again, faced with the same salary negotiation challenge. With each job change, I had more information. More experience. More confidence. I knew how to leverage benefits, work flexibility and stock options in my compensation package. I knew to consider market indicators for a specific industry or role, taking into consideration company size and maturity. 

The same way I didn't know how to negotiate my salary until I changed jobs multiple times, I had no clue about investing, until I actually jumped in and got started. Easier said than done, right? 💼

We’re not born with the “fake it, till you make it” attitude ingrained in our brains. At university, my male classmates would spout financial jargon and show off how much money they were making by investing in stocks. I remember, all I could think was how incredibly stressful it must be to check your portfolio every day to make sure you’re not losing money. Not to mention how much time and energy it requires.

I’ve always considered myself very risk-aware. Coming from a post-communist generation, where my grandparents never had the privilege of owning anything themselves and my parents were continuously worried about saving enough money for the future - the “investing to earn more” mentality didn’t arise naturally. So when I did eventually make those first baby steps, I definitely wasn’t looking for anything volatile like crypto or stocks.

I had always associated financial stability with home ownership. Growing up I saw how people rich enough to own a second house would rent it out and basically create themselves a second source of income. It seemed like an untouchable dream. Even more so, as I moved abroad to a new unknown housing market. 

Every expat faces the dilemma of home ownership; not wanting to be tied to one country or city, because who knows when and where you’ll be in a few years. But then where should I invest my savings? 🏡

Whatever investment I chose, it needed to be low risk and flexible. I was basically looking for an alternative to my savings account. But I’m also a techy (and let’s be honest, we spend half our lives on our smartphones), so of course it had to be an app and easy to use with all the information in one place, because I was a beginner. Was there any platform, preferably real-estate related, that met all my criteria?

My story, and the stories of so many others, is what drives me every day, as we build BRXS. To give access to the not-so-rich. To complete beginners. To more women. To equal the playing field in the housing market and in finance driven gender gaps.

🚀 Want to start your journey with us? Join 👉 BRXS Women Invest Together today!

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