Student home with room rental permit for sale in Amsterdam

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Co-Founder BRXS
Filip Nuytemans
Co-Founder BRXS
July 3, 2023

BRXS offers an investment opportunity for a student house in the center of Amsterdam. The property has a permit for room rental and is fully rented, with a strong rental yield. With BRXS you can invest directly in investment properties and receive rental income and enjoy long-term appreciation. You can view all details pertaining to the Amsterdam student house on the BRXS platform.


A fully rented student apartment with room rental permit in a very attractive and central neighbourhood, near the University of Amsterdam.

Key Property Facts

Financial Returns

Just like you were to buy an investment property directly yourself, with BRXS you earn in two ways:

  1. The rental income distributed to all investors proportionate to their investment in the property
  2. Value development over the longer term.

Estimated Rental Return

The gross rent we receive from the tenants is fixed at €36,000 per year, then we expect some costs such as maintenance costs, insurance, VVE contributions, management fees and city taxes. The student house has an expected net return of 4.8% on rental income alone. You can find the exact estimate in the following table:

Monthly rental income and costs, room rental property Oosterpark Amsterdam‍
Room rental property, Oosterpark Amsterdam

Historical Appreciation in Oosterpark and Amsterdam

The rental return can be estimated relatively well, but what the housing market will do in the next 10 years nobody knows exactly. So let's look at the historical housing market in Amsterdam: Between 2007 and 2022, house prices in Oosterpark increased by an average of 6.65% per year over the entire period.

Historical housing market evolution and price per m2 appreciation in Amsterdam and Oosterpark between 2007 and 2022
Historical evolution of housing prices in Amsterdam and Oosterpark (2007 - 2022)

How does BRXS work?

BRXS is an investment platform that makes investing in real estate accessible, easy and affordable. This allows BRXS users to invest directly in the investment properties offered on the platform starting from €100. This way you can easily diversify your portfolio with real estate, earn a passive income from rental income (which is paid out quarterly) and also share in the value development over the long term.Build your real estate portfolio and make your money work for you in full transparency without having to worry about managing an investment property and looking for tenants yourself.

The above student house in Amsterdam can be found here. You do need to create a free account before you can access the platform. Note: Opening and keeping a BRXS account is 100% free and only takes a few minutes.

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