How can I sell my investment in a BRXS Properties property?

At BRXS we strive to provide investors the opportunity to build wealth through real estate. Historically, real estate returns have been maximised when treated as a long-term investment over multiple years. Now we understand that your circumstances can change and require liquidity. In that case, you can sell your investment in a BRXS Properties property after a minimum holding period of 6 months.*

Please send an email to to request a sell order for a specific investment. We will sell your investment at the current market value on our platform minus a 2% transaction fee.*

When you invest, like most of our investors, for the long term, you will receive all net proceeds, including value appreciation, when the property is sold (time horizon: 7-15 years).
*For all transactions before 22/05/2023, the old sales conditions are valid: 1% transaction fee and no minimum holding period.
Updated on:
November 29, 2023
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