What documentation is provided per property?

Besides the financial information, location and pictures, there are several other documents that you can review per property.* These documents give you a complete and transparent view on the investment opportunity and our thorough due diligence process prior to an acquisition. This is also a good way to learn, if you ever want to acquire an entire investment property yourself.

Depending on property, other provided documents can be:

*Available for all properties launched after April 2023

** In the Netherlands, there are two rent categories: 1) Capped rent (maximum rental prices determined by government) 2) Non-capped rent where the rental price is set by the landlord. The capped rent segment is often not beneficial for landlords as collected rent can be low compared to the actual value of the property, leading to (very) low rental returns. Whether a property falls into one or the other category, is determined by a point system that looks at size, value, energy label and other factors. If a property has 187 or more points, it falls in the non-capped rent segment.

Updated on:
July 31, 2023
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