How often is rental income distributed to investors?

We pay your rental returns every quarter. This is done this in a prorated manner, meaning that you receive payment based on the % BRXS Properties notes you own in a specific property and for the period that you had the notes in your possession in the previous quarter. Example: If you held a BRXS-note in a property for 1 month of the quarter, you will receive only 1/3 of the proceeds that someone holding a BRXS Properties note for the entire quarter in that same property.

When: we pay out rental income in the first week of the quarter for the previous quarter. You will also receive a periodic report of the property including financial performance and any important updates in relation to the property and/or BRXS Properties.

Where: quarterly payments are deposited to your bank account of choice. If you would like to adjust your banking preferences, you can do this through your profile settings.

Updated on:
July 31, 2023
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