How can I sell my investment that were done under the exemption?

All investments are for the long term, historically, real estate returns have been maximised when treated as a long-term investment over multiple years. Now we understand that your circumstances can change and require liquidity. In that case, you can sell your investment you hold in properties that fall under the exemption after a minimum holding period of 6 months. Please send an email to to request a sell order for a specific investment. We will sell your notes only at the initial purchase on our platform minus a 2% transaction fee.*

You always have 14 days to withdraw your investment with no transaction fees.. The transaction fee applies only to sales made before the investment end date: there are no transaction fees if you stay in the investment until the property is sold.Approval of BRXS is required for all sales and in certain conditions, BRXS can decline or postpone the sell order.

When you invest, like most of our investors, for the long term, you will receive your loan and potential positive appreciation, when the property is sold (time horizon: 7-15 years).

*For all transactions before 22/05/2023, the old sales conditions are valid: 1% transaction fee and no minimum holding period.

Updated on:
January 8, 2024
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