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Invest in real estate starting from €100 with guaranteed returns. Create a free account and start in minutes with Brxs.
How does it work?

Forget about large cash deposits, notary visits, finding tenants and all the rest. Brxs makes it simple.

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Browse beautiful investment properties on our platform and take a peek inside.

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Invest in the properties you want. Build your own portfolio today.


Benefit from rental income and appreciation, while Brxs manages the property!

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Why choose BRXS Properties?

Forget about large cash deposits, notary visits, finding tenants and all the rest. BRXS Properties makes it easy to invest in real estate.

It's simple

Create a free account and browse through the investment properties BRXS has curated. We provide you all the property information for you to make your choice.

It’s fast

Once you have found the property that works for you, it takes minutes to invest. Just purchase a brxs note (our name for what is also known as bonds) which has a value of €100. You can purchase multiple brxs notes at once.

It’s transparent

Your investment is immediately visible in your dashboard. We provide you with quarterly interest payments and reports on your investment and we take care of the property for a small fee.

We are on a mission: real estate investing made accessible, fun, transparent for everyone.

Start investing today

Take your future into your own hands thanks to our easy to use platform.

Invest from €100

That’s the price of one bond. We call them brxs notes.

Build your dream portfolio

Whether it be with the best looking properties or the most profitable ones!

Ask away

If you need help, our chat is always available. You can also schedule a call.

Stories from our customers

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I am an experienced investor mostly investing in index funds and REITs, to me BRXS Properties is a fun and innovative way of offering real estate investment. With BRXS Properties you get to see the pictures, you see the neighbourhood, and you can pick exactly the apartments to invest in that you think will give you the best results.


Love the BRXS Properties platform! I never invested in real estate before because the prices are too high. With BRXS Properties, I can invest even with a small amount each month.


I use BRXS Properties as an alternative to investing in the stock market. It's good to be diversified especially given the current stock market volatility and real estate prices trend.

Learn your way

Financial education is key in making financial choices. That’s why we provide you with all the necessary information to invest wisely.

What is investing?

Learn what investing is, what different types there are and why it should matter to you.

Why invest in real estate?

Learn how real estate compares to other types of investments and how it can help you diversify your portfolio.

How to invest in real estate?

Learn about the different ways to invest in real estate and where BRXS Properties fits in.

How do you earn money in real estate?

Deep dive into the nuts and bolts of real estate investing, what impacts your returns and what risks are involved.