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Start building your financial future today.

It’s May which means a double pay day - the holiday money is coming!

Finally Covid is over and we can travel again but it’s important to make a plan for your spending.
Did you know that 44% of people in the Netherlands immediately put that amount aside in the savings account? Well no wonder given uncertain times that we live in.

Say your holiday pay is €1000.

The first thought is to spend it of course. On the other hand you can invest it, multiply your savings and build your wealth.
Investment modes are infinite - from investing in financial tools to luxury goods, from improving your housing and living conditions to education.
Here are a few examples of investments that can bring you passive income:
Vastgoed rendement vergelijken met sparen, crypto, aandelen Investing in real estate from 100 euro and earn rental income and appreciation
Disclaimer: The examples are hypothetical. All investments are associated with risks and the actual return largely depends on the market conditions, time of investment and its consistency.

Why choose real estate for investment?

So all in all there are many options on how to make money on your savings. It depends on your risk appetite! Of course the return of 44,200,148% sounds tempting but the probability of Bitcoin crashing is much higher than the probability of real estate investing decreasing in value. You will also have to travel back in time to jump on a crazy BTC rally which is unlikely to happen again :)
Instead you can still invest in real estate:

Real Estate is a more stable asset over time

Real estate is much less volatile than the stock or crypto markets, so you’ll sleep better at night.

Real Estate provides you a steady income stream in a form of rent

Real estate is a historically proven investment to build wealth with a constant stream of passive income through rents and potential appreciation over time.

Real Estate can be a hedge against inflation during the economic downturn

Real Estate is a great way to diversify and strengthen your investment portfolio, as it is not correlated with the stock market (meaning that they don’t perse go up and down at the same time).

General tips & advice for investments

Tip 1: Diversification

Every investment comes with risk, so do not put all your eggs in the same basket. Spread your investments across different types of investments.

Tip 2: Be consistent

If you invest 1000 EUR in Real Estate with approx. return of 10.9% annually, in 5 years it will go up by 72% and you will have 1,720 EUR

Tip 3: Have a plan

Set yourself a realistic target and build your financial portfolio around that.

Tip 4: Have patience

If there was a get-rich-quick scheme, everybody would be a Billionaire. The reality is that investing is a proven way to build wealth, but it takes time. So manage your short-term expectations and aim for the long-term.

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