What is Bonus Interest with BRXS Properties?

At BRXS Properties, you earn fixed annual interest and potential bonus interest on your investment.

Fixed Annual Interest: This is linked to the BRXS Note and remains constant. It’s somewhat independent from the variability of property-related income. This means it doesn’t fluctuate with the ups and downs of rental income, property maintenance costs, or changes in property value at the end of the note’s term.

Bonus Interest: This reflects the overall performance of all BRXS Properties. It’s like a collective pot that factors in the gains and losses from every property. For instance, if one property is vacant and losing rent, this loss might be offset by profits from other properties. This collective financial activity is mirrored in the BRXS cash reserve. When this reserve grows sufficiently, a bonus interest payment is distributed.

The bonus interest acts as a barometer of the health of all BRXS Properties investments. It rewards investors based on:

Early Years Expectations: Initially, the bonus interest may be minimal or non-existent. This is because properties are unlikely to reach the end of their term early on, and significant rental income increases are not expected immediately.

In essence, while your regular interest is steady, the bonus interest offers a chance to benefit from the collective success of all properties in the BRXS portfolio.

Updated on:
January 24, 2024
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