What if BRXS Properties goes bankrupt or stops operating?

For each serie of notes we set up a lien also known as a mortgage right. This is a security for the repayment of the notes we raised to (re)finance a specific property. BRXS Properties will establish this right on the specific property. This right is established in favor of Stichting Zekerheden BRXS which acquires this mortgage right only for the noteholders who have (co-)financed the relevant property by purchasing notes in the relevant serie of notes.

If BRXS Properties unexpectedly cannot repay the loan for a serie of notes on time or in full, Stichting Zekerheden BRXS may enforce the mortgage right for the specific property. This means that on behalf of all the noteholders of the specific serie of notes, Stichting Zekerheden BRXS could enforce a sale of that specific underlying property in order to pay back these loans.

Updated on:
January 24, 2024
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