How to get started with BRXS Properties?

What is BRXS Properties?

BRXS allows you to invest in real estate, starting from €100, making it easy to diversify your portfolio and giving you access to stable returns both from rental income (paid out every quarter) and potential appreciation over the longer term. 

You can just let your money work for you with having full transparency on your earnings, without having to worry about managing properties yourself.

How to make your first investment?

Step 1: Create a free account 

💡 Opening and maintaining a BRXS Properties account is 100% FREE.

Step 2: Browse the available properties

💡All investments opportunities listed are already fully available and secured for investment by BRXS Properties. They are not depended on collecting funds first.    

Step 3: Review the properties that interest you

Once you clicked on a property of interest, you can review all important facts:

Step 4: Invest in the properties you want

Once you decided on a property, you can easily make an investment:

Step 5: Earn quarterly rental income and track your investments in your portfolio.

💡 Please provide your IBAN number in your profile, so your quarterly payouts can be transferred to your bank account. 

How to sell?

At any time, you can easily sell us back your investment in a BRXS Properties property. Please send us an email at and your sell order will be processed quickly. Please read more here.

Still some questions left? We are here to help.

Please feel free to each out to us: email us or start a chat or schedule a call

Updated on:
January 24, 2024
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