How are properties financed?

When you are investing in a BRXS Properties property, you are directly financing the acquisition of that property. The total investment amount required to acquire the property, equals the total investments (to be) raised from investors on our platform through issuing BRXS Properties notes.

Buying a property is much more than covering the purchase price. We also need to consider the property’s tax burden, notary and broker fees, possible renovations, and setting aside cash reserves for the unexpected.

Total investment = Property Price + Closing costs +  Fees + Cash reserves + Renovation - Mortgage

# BRXS notes = Total investment / Original note value 

The total investment divided by the original note value (set at €100 in most properties) provides the number of BRXS notes issued in a given property. The number of BRXS Properties notes in a given property, stays unchanged over time from the original number of notes.

These notes give investors the right to an interest payment directly correlated to the net rental income and their share of the property appreciation on the long term.

You can find a detailed overview of the total investment amount and financing on each specific property page and the property documents.
Updated on:
July 31, 2023
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